May 4, 2019

Ivey-sol® Injection and Recovery Well Fields

Animation illustrates enhanced plume contamination recovery through the injection, and recovery, of Ivey-Sol® into, and from, the subsurface. Enhanced recovery reduces remediation time for site closure over typical pump-and-treat systems.

Ivey-sol® Injection and Recovery Well Fields

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Time 0:00-0:10 highlights the location of an injection well field, a recovery well field, a capture zone and plume limits.

Time 0:10-0:25 highlights the upgradient Ivey-Sol® injection (red-orange) into the downgradient contaminant mass (green) forming a heterogeneous contaminant mixture (orange). The capture zone outlines the extent of the groundwater drawdown and inflow of the heterogeneous contaminant mixture into the recovery wells.

Time 0:25-0:45 highlights the reduction of Total Petroleum Hydrocabons (TPH) in the contaminant mass (orange). Concentration contours (green, yellow, red) illustrate TPH reduction from high to low, during contaminant mass recovery from the periphery to the center of the plume mass.